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1947 Healey Elliott

Asking $80,000

This is a pretty rare car. The Elliot was a small production car, only 101 were made. (25 are left) From the beginning it was a car that drew attention, and it didn't hurt that one of these set a speed record. It is a genuine 100 plus mile per hour car!

The car was raced for a while, and converted back to original by the current owners, to be able to compete in the famous Mille Miglia. The dash and interior were redone and as required by the FIVA rules most of the roll bar removed. After the inspection the FIVA judged the car to their highest standart for originality. The car has a FIVA passport, which has to be renewed when sold.

The car performed very well during the mille Miglia. She drew a ton of attention, and the crowds loved her. Rarely you find anyone who actually knows what it is, even in the Italian car crazy crowds.   

After the MM the car was shipped back to my shop, and we made it more civilized and easier to drive on the roads. F.i the car had a set advance timing, and we made it adjustable from the drivers position, so city driving at lower RPM is better. The steering also is much lighter, although not light. But once moving the car handles like a dream. It holds the road amazingly well, and the brakes listen instantly, and are very "doseable". Torque delivered by the undestructable Riley 2.4 liter is everywhere.

The car has been accepted at the MM, which is  an advantage for for future entries. If you intend to do that world class event, and don't want to spend 150,000 dollar, this is a great opportunity. It must be one, if not the cheapest car to enter the Mille. Sure you can try with a 2CV, but the chances to be accepted are mnimal, while with the Elliott, you will have a huge chance to get in.

I have driven the car a lot, and can answer all technical questions you may have. If interested give me a call. For me it is one of the four most fun cars I ever drove.

Our Motivation

We at Vintage Sports Car Inc. really enjoy keeping the cars from the era we love in good and safe working condition. We pride ourselves for our expertise, and for the way we conduct business.