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SOLD - Georgeous 1967 Austin Healey 3000 MKIII

Asking $58,500

This is a wonderful car, bought not too long ago by my customer. Her whole life changed and she decided to sell the car before she really could enjoy it.
Before the winter we were asked to go through the car and do whatever was needed to make her work properly.

We assessed the car, went though everything we could without taking the car apart, and a couple of month ago we delivered the car in almost perfect condition. She has done only a handful miles since we delivered her. The odometer reads 99.791 miles.

The car is what I would call a Moss Special restoration. It looks really really nice, even from up close. The interior is new, and the paint looks new and fresh too. No signs of over spray, or sloppy taping. I thing the car was stripped properly before the body was taken care of.

All the gauges work properly, and most look new. The top does not fit 100%, a small gap on the passengers side above the door.

Chrome is very good. I doubt the bumpers are original, again I assume they come from a company that makes replica bumpers.

The engine is wonderful. The engine bay is clean, and shows that the harness has been replaced (under the dash, the wiring looks perfect and new as well)
We cleaned the carbs and synchronised them. The car stats fairly easy, most of the times ( this was during the winter) the third time we turned the key she would fire. She is a little unhappy until she reaches 160 degrees F. From then on she is running very smooth.
Only thing else we did to the car was an oil change (Valvoline VR1)

We did a leak down test, and the rings show wear, but as I told my customer, not to the point there is a concern at all. I told her, if you are nice to her, it will last another 30,000 miles. The engine does NOT smoke. When warmed up t5he engine certainly doesn't pull less than a Jaguar and sounds as good! Oil pressure is 60+ and doesn't come down.

I loved driving the car, even in the cold weather we had.

The sad part, apart from the fact that the car will be sold, is the under carriage has not been treated properly. There is no rust, and most of the rubbers are good to excellent, but it looks shabby. I was scared when I put this beautiful car on the lift and saw that only the easy areas were covered with some kind of black. POR 15?? I would have loved to clean it all up, and rust proof it with a good primer, and coat it. But since all was OK, and only the eyes were slightly insulted, we decided to leave it as is.

A head turner, maybe a local show winner, and definitely a great driver and tourer. Maybe even an investment, but I don't like thinking that way.

Call for more info and pictures.

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