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For Sale - 1976 Triumph TR6


This car has been serviced by us for a long period of time, 6 years or so.

The owner has decided to sell it as he doesn't get to drive the car enough.

We have done normal maintenance on the car, and mostly preventative repairs. This winter we changed the radiator, as the tanks had signs of rust.
In the past we reupholstered the seats, and did some welding on the floors.

This is a driver. Nothing fancy, no electronic ignition etc. I replaced the Strombergs the first time the car came to my shop. The owner brought in a set of carburetors that I had never seen before. 2 brand new 45 MC HH2 carbs. After they were installed the car always ran like a dream. Starts up well, and is very responsive. It does make a loud "sucking" sound when the choke is applied, which is by no means as long as we have to do with Stromberg equipped cars.

The car is in good driving condition. It will probably clean up very well and easy.

I think this car is very well priced at $5,400. Call me if you have any questions, or want to see the car.

Our Motivation

We at Vintage Sports Car Inc. really enjoy keeping the cars from the era we love in good and safe working condition. We pride ourselves for our expertise, and for the way we conduct business.