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We at Vintage Sports Car are very familiar with this car. We worked on it every year, taking care of minor little issues as the car is really reliable, and the owner wanted to be able to do longer trips with it, without worrying.

He took very great pride in all his French vehicles. He also has a splendid Peugeot 203 for sale.

Below is the description the owner gave me. The car is in Woodstock and can be seen and test driven any day after you contact me.


ENGINE : 4 cylinders in line    1,900cc  
TRANSMISSION :  3 speeds manual  single dry clutch front wheel drive
SUSPENSION: all independent torsion bars front/rear tube shocks
BRAKES: drums front/rear  no assist  emergency brake on rear wheels
STEERING: rack and pinion non assisted
IGNITION:  6 volts system  generator
CONSTRUCTION:  unit-body, sub frame for engine
WHEELS/TIRES:  steel wheels               Michelin tires (5)
COLOR:  midnight blue (outside)  grey/blue vinyl (inside)
SEATING CAPACITY:   8 ( 2 front, 3 jump seats, 3 rear bench)
MPG:  average 20mpg
MAX. SPEED:  70mph
I bought this beautiful Traction in 2008 from a widow in Connecticut; not much historic known. I spent around 450 hours getting the car roadworthy in addition to removing the surface rust from the undercarriage; no through rust was found. This is a very solid car that you could drive anywhere, with the knowledge that it is a 60 yo car….! Here is a partial list of the work performed within the last 5,000kms:
Engine timing chain replaced, valve job, new clutch, tested radiator, new fuel pump, all new brake elements, rebuilt water pump and carburetor etc….

Reason for selling car: recently retired, my wife convinced me that we needed to travel and 5 collector’s car was too many….time to thin the herd; I am therefore parting with my Peugeot 203 as well as this Traction.

Our Motivation

We at Vintage Sports Car Inc. really enjoy keeping the cars from the era we love in good and safe working condition. We pride ourselves for our expertise, and for the way we conduct business.