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2008 Gulfstream on International chassis SUPERNOVA motor home. 18.199 miles young

Price $94,500

I have decided to part with my much beloved motor home.

This unit was used primarily to accommodate me at the race track. I have a log book in which everything is mentioned, from getting diesel to repairs at the dealer. The vehicle is very easy to drive, has ice cold air, and in the winter real hot heat.

I bought the car new, and did not like the fact that is was equipped with no less than 3 TV's. It would have cost me an arm and a leg to have one removed, so we did it ourselves. Instead of the dining area TV I made a cabinet that holds bottles. For the rest the motor home is absolutely stock.

The TV that we took out comes with the truck.

The things that are wrong with the car are:

I took all music equipment out of the cabinet, and am lost where all the wires go. The CD/dvd payer is not the same as came with the car.


No pets.
No accidents.

Everything works great on the truck and motor home. Tires are almost like new as you can expect after only 18,000. I went through the whole motor home, and checked everything. Air conditioning units are all fine ( two roof 110V, and the dash air co) heater works great, fans work. Freezer and fridge work fine. You make ice cubes on gas power in the freezer. The Microwave is good, so are the automatic steps and electric levelers. Slides come out and in without hesitation, and the awnings work good.

The reason I bought this particular motor home was the International Chassis. The truck has a Gross Combined Vehicle weight that allows me to legally tow 7,000 pounds. The vehicle will tow way more than that ( and slow it down, the brakes are phenomenal!), but in case of an accident your insurance may not be willing to pay! I have seen A types, that have a 10,000 pound hitch, but less than 100 pounds of the GCVW available to tow!~!!!!!No kidding!

The SuperNova is an real nice vehicle. For vacationing and short trips. It does 60-65 with the trailer behind it day and night. Took it to Texas a couple of times and it was a breeze, almost as fast as in my pick up truck! The floor plan is really good. You have a living area, a kind of separated dining are and a sleep area that can be closed off.

I have every single manual that came with the SuperNova, and a folder of copies of all manuals. Oil was changed just a few hundred miles ago.

I will keep using this motor home until it is sold. Will be at the Council events @ Autobahn (Oct 5) and the Loooong race @ BHF on Oct 24.

The vehicle is stored at my shop, Vintage Sports Car Inc. in Woodstock Illinois.

The only reason I am selling my much liked "home at the track", is because I need money to invest to grow business.

The bank owns part of the Gulfstream, so I can only get you the title after I paid of the bank.

Call me if you have questions. If you do a search for Yves Boode you'll find all the details.

When hot the readings on the gauges are at 2200 RPM:
Oil P. 60 PSI
Water Temp 195
Trans temp 150
Volts 14
MPH ca 60

You can find specs on this site http://www.rvguide.com/specs/gulf-stream/class-c/2008/conquest-super-nova/6372.html

Price $94.500

Our Motivation

We at Vintage Sports Car Inc. really enjoy keeping the cars from the era we love in good and safe working condition. We pride ourselves for our expertise, and for the way we conduct business.