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Projects - MK1 Cooper S

The couple that owns this very pretty MK1 Cooper S walked in after a 1500 dollar quote for a not needed exhaust system. The steering rack needed replacement, and the sub frame appeared to be welded to the body. VSC broke the welds, was able to take the whole exhaust system out (and back on) in one pieced and also replaced the steering rack. While doing that we noticed an oil leak. This was caused by a not matching flange to the diff housing and would have caused major damage if not taken care of. Praise to the owners for letting us repair the differential housing the proper way!

This beauty is driven almost every day and participated in several long distance rallies.

Our Motivation

We at Vintage Sports Car Inc. really enjoy keeping the cars from the era we love in good and safe working condition. We pride ourselves for our expertise, and for the way we conduct business.