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Thanks again- the MGA is a joy to drive now, and is a completely different car from the one I dropped off/ It's quiet, more powerful and I can drive into turns without any feeling that it's "tucking under." And no rattles! I wish I'd brought it to you years ago.

Noah S.

What a great job you ( and the guys) did on the MGB/GT. It hasn't run or looked this good since the early 1970's. Thank you very much!


Hello Yves,

You were first with the emails, but I wanted to be first to “Thank You” for all the fun and enjoyment that my son Ryan and I had at your Second Annual Vintage Sports Car Rally and Culinary Festivities on Saturday.  Ryan and I had a ball!  Your Rally was something special that we will remember forever and was great Father and Son bonding time.  He drove and I navigated and we laughed together the entire way.  Yves, the Elite ran like I had always hoped and dreamed it would.  It’s amazing what can get done when someone who knows what they are doing works on it!  Thanks for all you help over the summer.

TD, Lotus Elite owner

I know Yves Boode. He and I have spent plenty of time on the dyno together scratching our heads over what to do next with sets of Weber carbs and the like. I used to say that I can tune Webers, but now when people ask me “do you know how to tune Weber carbs on the dyno?” I say “no, but Yves Boode does.”

Bob Payton, responsible for dynoing at Automechanica.

Yves, I will not let anyone else but you touch my Lotus Europa ever again.

Paul R.


You are very generous, cooperative, and understanding.  I appreciate that.  It is very difficult to find, especially these days, and I really appreciate it.

I could go on.


B. S,  Bloomington,IL.  Mini Cooper Owner

Oh boy, what a difference!
Thanks Yves.

John (Triumph TR6)

This is a listing by the great site www.BringaTrailer.com

Of an Alpine Renault “Berlinette Tour de France” A110      Vintage Sports Car restored for the owner…….

Nicest We’ve Seen: 1969 Renault Alpine A110

1/31/2010 Update: This Alpine has been sold. Stay tuned for more!
From 3/12/2009:

This Alpine A110 is without a doubt the nicest example of the model we have seen offered in the USA in the last two years. It has 3000km on a complete restoration and is one of the desireable French built models. It is available in Maryland for $60k obo. Contact us at mail@bringatrailer.com if you are interested.

Alpine Renault

This car has the right blue color and refinished 3-lug alloys that match the car perfectly. So many of these are heavily modified for competition that they lose this clean aesthetic. All bumper components were re-chromed and the trim looks new.

Alpine Renault

Inside the dash was restored and Mod Plasta bucket seats are re-covered. The interior is as nice as the exterior.

Alpine Renault

The 1300cc Alpine R5 cross-flow engine produces 130 horsepower and puts it down through a 5-speed Monte Carlo gearbox. All suspension components are new including six koni dampeners.

Alpine Renault

Underneath the header is nicely ceramic coated and the axle straps are new. Coolant pipes are routed forward to the all new radiator and cooling system.

Alpine Renault

This is an impressive A110 and one of the few we have seen that is tame enough to drive in street traffic. For only a few thousand more than the project car we featured last week you can have this restored and sorted beauty. This one isn’t cheap but it is ready to go.

With thanks to BaT for allowing us to use their unsolicited write up.


Just a quick note of Thanks for all your help/efforts in selling of the TD.

I simply couldn’t have gotten the job done without you.

CC, Florida

"Yves, I had a great time at the wheel to wheel school and race this past weekend.  With the bad weather battering us, I was happy to find that you had the foresight to rent the old tech building for shelter.  The Spec Renault held its own in cold weather, rain and snow as well as or better than many of the other race cars out on the track.  I learned that if you treat the car with respect in those conditions, it will respond well.  When the track dried out and warmed up a little, the car stuck to the asphalt very well and came to life.

When I forgot my arm restraints, you had extra pairs.  When I was thirsty, you had water.  When I was going to ask to change from wet to dry tires, I noticed that you had already changed them.  When I asked for an adjustment, the adjustment was performed before I got out of the car.  My only complaint was that the instrumental piece of the car between the steering wheel and seat wasn't as consistent through every turn as I would have desired.  However, I won my class in Saturday's race, so I'm very happy.  Thank you for a great weekend!"

- Lorrie-Ann Fisher



I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to race the Spec Renault. The car was a blast to drive and the support from you and your Historic Race Car staff was outstanding. I look forward to another race weekend with the HRC team very soon!

All the best,

Bill Boesen

Morning Yves,

Drove the TR a bit after you left last evening and it is shifting fine now. I am impressed and thanks again for your generosity. Kind'a a rare thing with mankind these days. I will talk to you before you go up to RA as I plan to be their either Friday or Saturday. I would like to find you and then, with my real camera, capture some action images of you on the track.



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