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Projects - VC 1300

This VC 1300 came in our shop for a go through and install of a reinforced 5 speed gearbox with a R5 Alpine engine (ca. 135HP). The owner had his doubts about the chassis and rightfully so. It had been taken out of the car before and reinstalled in such a way that it moved back and forth in the body. The stearing rack had pierced a hole through the fiberglass...

Now we had to take the chassis out, had it media blasted and did all the repairs to it that it needed. We convinced the owner that doubling the horsepower could result in overheating problems and we had to relocate the radiator to the front. With the chassis out it was a lot easier to install the engine and route the tubes for the coolant. After we put the chassis back in the body we fit an original style front radiator with two fans as was factory orignal for the more powerful A110's.


Our Motivation

We at Vintage Sports Car Inc. really enjoy keeping the cars from the era we love in good and safe working condition. We pride ourselves for our expertise, and for the way we conduct business.