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Services - Glass and Windshield Replacement

Some cars are more difficult to replace glass than others. The MGB GT has a very bad reputation where it comes to replacing the windshield or the rubbers. We have done several in the past and found the most screwed up solutions.
Our team in a united effort has found the solution to install these windscreens. Many other shops apparently don't want to do this job anymore. We welcome the challenge and can replace the windscreen for you. 

The other glass job that you will be hard pressed to have done is putting the rear quarter windows back in the frame of an early Cooper MK1. The hinges on these have a tendency to brake, and for repairs, or re chroming the frames have to come off the glass. If you did this yourself, you know how hard it is to get the glass out. That is NOTHING compared to what it takes to get the glass back in the frames with the proper rubber seal.
It took us several month of trying and studying the problem and after a series of failures, we made the tools to do the job properly.

Talking about doing the job properly, if you let us take care of it, you won't have to deal with wrong cut glass, as shown on the picture......

We have replaced many many windshields and have experience with having custom made Lexan windscreens.

Our Motivation

We at Vintage Sports Car Inc. really enjoy keeping the cars from the era we love in good and safe working condition. We pride ourselves for our expertise, and for the way we conduct business.