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Please note that at Vintage Sports Car Inc. and Historic Race Car, we rebuild old motors, transmissions, and old cars with great care. Most often we find that these cars, motors and transmissions have been maintained on varying levels by many different owners, and by many different mechanics, with diverse skill sets, tools and budgets.

Although we warranty our services, we are not responsible for defects caused by previous repairs done by others.

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Vintage Sports Car

1952 MG-TD  

Employment Opportunity

VINTAGE SPORTS CAR INC is looking for someone to complement our team.

We are known to do excellent work on old cars, many of them are no longer as per original specs. Therefore I am looking for some one who has a good insight of how a car works and who is open minded to some times not so brilliant solutions of mechanics that have worked on the car in the past.

You must be familiar with the words and functions of a Carburetter, point ignition system and things like a friction shock absorbers.

Be prepared to do  something else every single day.  One day you may be working on an exhaust the next day you may be rebuilding a clutch or transmission. The day after you may be trying to get a trafficator to work.

The man or woman I am looking for must fit in the existing team and must be able to deliver work to our high standards.

Fabricating, welding and engine build skills are a premium.

If you are motivated and think you will fit our team, contact me at Yves@VintageSportsCar.net or call 1 815 337 4001.

Mille Miglia 2012

As the days fly by here in the shop my departure time approaches quickly.

The Siata will be waiting for us at the shipper in Milan and once we arrive we will pick her up on Saturday; hopefully unscarred and undamaged.

For this trip, Chuck Carl will be my co-pilot in the chase car for the Siata. Chuck has a long and eventful driving history with some real “out of this world” experiences. Chuck drove in the first three of the Martell (Cognac) rallies in China with no less than an MG TD for two of the races and a freshly restored Lotus Elite for the other.

His first rally in 1986 was 60 miles long, the second twice that distance. The last rally was a familiar 1000 miles long from Hong Kong to Gullin and back. Chuck recanted;  “And some of the roads were even paved”. The poor little freshly restored Lotus looked like she had been rolled after the trip was over.

Our shop restored that car a couple of years ago, and she now resides in Peoria, Illinois in the Wheels O’ Time museum.

Chuck raced a Bug Eye in the days when they were competitive in SCCA.  Later on he raced a Historic Race Car prepped Mini Cooper S.

Chuck has driven about anything on wheels and tracks from race cars to a Caterpillar pipe layer to pulling his own 5thwheel with his Dodge pick up.. 

This trip I am sure we will have another great adventure, and I will do my best to let you enjoy it as much as possible too.

From Saturday evening on I will be giving you updates on all the crazy stuff that we encounter, and will try to get as many pictures as we can post.

Happy motoring!

Yves Boode


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Vintage Sports Car Inc. is a division of Historic Race Car, LLC in Woodstock, IL. We felt it necessary to make a separate division for our street car customers, as not all vintage car owners see their beloved old timer as a race car.

Much to our customer's advantage, we service street cars with the same attention to detail as we do with the much more stressed race cars. Apart from our specialties, Mini's, MG's, Renault (Alpine and other Renault based cars), we have experience in many other brands like Fiat, VW, Alfa Romeo, Lotus and Citroen.

Please have a look at this web site, and feel free to contact us for more information.

Our Motivation

We at Vintage Sports Car Inc. really enjoy keeping the cars from the era we love in good and safe working condition. We pride ourselves for our expertise, and for the way we conduct business.